A Killer Cuisine

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Mystery Overview

The Smythe & Wesson Culinary Institute was founded in 1914 by women’s suffrage activist, Cordelia Smythe. Originally established as a business school for wayward mothers, Smythe & Wesson has grown to include a prestigious culinary school. However, the school has met with several financial setbacks recently, not the very least an outbreak of food poisoning at a recent catering event for 250 wedding guests-the bride and groom will never forget their wedding night!

As the Institute prepares for its first ever cooking competition, an additional tragedy has occurred. The school’s head chef, Chef D. Jour, has been found dead this morning – locked in the walk in freezer overnight. Who could do such a thing? Was this another terrible accident, or murder?

Main Characters

Al Dente (Student #2): American Culinary Arts Institute’s star pupil in Mediterranean cooking – he makes a killer tomato sauce! 

Asian Cuisine Chef – Chuck Suey: Master sushi chef at Smythe & Wesson, and an expert in all Asian cuisine. 

Dee Glaze (Student #3): Representing Smythe & Wesson with Chef Patty Fore. Her Napoleons are short but powerful! 

Detective Dan: Veteran of the Napa police force and on scene to investigate the murder. A self proclaimed “foodie,” he has participated in the annual Napa Valley Police Department Chili Cook Off for the past five years – he has yet to place. 

Éclair Fromage: World renowned French Chef and owner of “The Water Closet,” home to her signature dish Soufflé de crabe avec du Fromage. Arriving from Paris to act as a judge in today’s competition. 

Emma Smythe: Great-granddaughter of Cordelia Smythe, the school’s founder, and acting Head Administrator of the Smythe & Wesson Culinary Institute.

French Chef, Patrick Farce: Head chef from Le Cordon Bleu – will be competing today with his star pupil, Marie Poux

The Janitor: Longtime employee of the school – was once a star pupil, but was unable to afford tuition.

Marie Poux (Student #1): Star pupil from Le Cordon Bleu. Will be competing with French Chef Patrick Farcee. She excels in knife skills.

Mediterranean Chef – Robert “Bob” Shiska: Representing American Culinary Arts Institute – will be competing today with his star pupil, Al Dente. Born on the Greek Isle of Lesbos, and a master of all foods Mediterranean.

Pastry Chef – Patty Fore: New Fine Baking instructor for Smythe & Wesson. Known the world over for his pastries with a special “surprise” filling. Will be representing S&W with star pupil Dee Glaze.