Extra Characters – Catastrophe in Cairo

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Mystery Overview

This product only contains extra characters.

Set in the winter of 1922, The Egyptian archaeological season is about to begin. Two rival archaeologist hunt for the find of the century.  One knows where the Lost Pharaoh’s Tomb is, the other has digging rights, but no clue. One last dinner in civilization before the parties venture into the African desert – someone will become a permanent Egyptian artifact.

Extra Characters

War Correspondent Lowell Thomas: London Times reporter and photographer touring the world after the war.

Norma Jean Monroe: American Actress recently married to James Ashford, heir to his Lordship. The two are traveling around the world on their honeymoon.

James Ashford: Husband of the famous American film star, Norma Jean Monroe. Heir to the Lordship of Ashford.

Hotel Bartender (French Opera Singer): Came to Egypt with the French Army, and decided to stay on as a bartender (or Opera Singer) after the war.

Mr. & Mrs. Pettigrew: Head of Ministry of Public Works in Cairo, and his wife of 26 years.

French Antiquities Agent Pierre le Snoop: Representative of the Louvre.

British Antiquities Agent Reginald Collins: Representative of the British Museum.

Consul General: Highest government and military British officer in Egypt.