Extra Characters – Define Happily Ever After

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Mystery Overview

This product only contains extra characters.

The continuing story of the brothers, Prince Charming

“The King is dead; long live the King!”

Upon the death of Good King Charming, his eldest son, Prince Marcis Charming, is about to be crowned king of the Fairy Tale Kingdom of Charming. However, all at the Coronation Ball do not wish him well. As the guests gather, old grudges fester and new alliances emerge. The stage is set for an enchanted evening none will forget.

Extra Characters

Queen Charming: Widow of King Charming and mother to the Princes Charming. Loved by her people as the very epitome of what a Queen should be.

King Albert & Queen Victoria: Parents of the Princess Aurora and in-laws to Prince Less.

Princess with the Golden Ball & the Frog Prince: Living happily in the Frog Prince’s nearby kingdom, they have four children and are counted among Prince Marcis and Snow White’s dearest friends and political allies.

Rapunzel: Wife of the youngest Prince Charming, Bob. Beautiful, kind and what a head of hair! She is the only princess, out of the four, who is of common birth – something she is very self-conscious of.

Prince Ben Charming: Third son of the Kind and Queen Charming and husband to Cinderella. Yours is a comfortable lot in life. You do not face the same pressures as Marcis and Less, however you still enjoy the prestige and perks that come with being “a royal.”

Cinderella: Married to the third prince, Ben. Theirs is a happy marriage, where they enjoy prestige, but are not held to the same scrutiny as Marcis and Less. They have several children and a variety of pets. Cinderella is known throughout the land as “The Mouse Whisperer.”

Prince Bob: Spoiled, defiant youngest son of King and Queen Charming. Married to Rapunzel, a commoner, whom he found in the forest and then “knocked up.” He requires glasses due to an old eye injury.

Baker and/or Mistress Baker: They are catering this evening’s event. Known throughout the kingdom for their “killer” salad bar.