Extra Characters – Hooray for Homicide

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Mystery Overview

This product only contains extra characters.

The 83rd annual IOU Awards promises to be the biggest celebfest of the year. Annually the ceremony is presented by the Academy of International Movies and Other United Stuff (IOU), and honors the best of the best. This year’s event will be held at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California. All of the beautiful people will be in attendance this evening, dying for their chance to shine on the red carpet. However, tonight the carpet will not be the only thing that runs red…

Extra Characters

Butch Manley: Ultra-macho male singer with the band “The Dixie Cups,” known for his gorgeous hair and ripped abs. Will be performing at this evening’s event.

Drisela Carpenter: Back-up singer for “The Dixie Cups.” Not particularly memorable, she is often refused entry through the stage door, and must wait for someone in the band to realize she is missing.

Detective Jack Monday: Veteran Homicide detective with the Los Angeles Police Department. He has closed every case he’s ever worked on–most of them with the right person being convicted.

Hedda Rivers: Failed actress, turned gossip columnist—“the” gossip columnist to the stars. She will be working the red carpet tonight.

Kathy Lipton: This is her first nomination for Best Director on her own. She is the ex-wife of IOU Award winning director, Cameron James, whom she divorced over his many indiscretions with his leading ladies.

Lady Gigi: Lead singer for the band, The Dixie Cups, and tonight’s entertainment. Truly one of the beautiful people, she has skyrocketed to the top of all the music charts.

Mike “The Neck” O’Hoolighan: Body guard to the stars, and bouncer for this evening’s event.

Mrs. Hardde: Current wife of Rock Hardde. Pretty, and much younger than Cordelia, yet still very jealous of the hold Cordelia seems to have on her husband.

Shirley Reynolds: She and her ex-husband, Uri Toole, were best friends with Cordelia and her late husband Todd Michaels. When Todd was tragically killed in an airplane crash, Uri offered Cordelia his shoulder to cry on–Cordelia decided she needed a few more of his parts. Uri ultimately became Cordelia’s third husband, and the series he and Shirley co-stared in, “Liberty & Justice,” soon folded. However Shirley went on to be successful in a spin-off series, “The Pursuit of Happiness.” Shirley and Uri are parents to Imia Toole, and Shirley has recently found peace in the New Age movement.

Sparky Summers: Child actor now in his thirties, and getting a little long in the tooth for the teen roles that have made him famous. He is currently dating Imia Toole.

Uri Toole: Best known for his TV series, “Liberty & Justice” which co-stared his now ex-wife, Shirley Reynolds. The show was cancelled ten years ago, when the couple’s marriage ended over Uri’s involvement with Cordelia. He is forced to make his living as his defunct character, Detective Liberty, at ribbon cutting ceremonies and the like. Master of Ceremonies at this evening’s event. He is frequently referred to as the guy who left Shirley Reynolds for Cordelia. He and Shirley are the parents of Imia Toole.