Extra Characters – Murder by the Glass

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Mystery Overview

This product only contains extra characters.

At this year’s Napa International Wine Competition, the select wine society of the world has gathered to put their best bottle forward. Old jealousies are renewed and livelihoods put at risk. They have hardly all gathered before the sparks begin to fly. One of the members will be deliberately and terribly murdered, becoming a spirit of a different kind…

Extra Characters

Al (M) & Allie Zass (F): Al developed a computer web code that is vital to retail sales security. Knowing when the getting was good, he sold his patent and is one of the newest billionaires in the United States. He and his lovely wife are touring the Napa wine country in hopes of picking up new social skills to go along with their new wealth.

Anthony Spumante(M): Patriarch of the Spumante family and co-owner of The Family Vineyard. His goal is to be the largest winemaker in the world. The Family currently has a 25% share of the American wine market, having made offers to several smaller vineyards that they just couldn’t refuse…

Bo Jolay (M): Son of a wealthy corporate raider who acquired the winery Excessive via a hostile corporate takeover. Bo is acting Wine Director for the winery. He never quite finished his business degree, or any of the other projects he’s started…

Guido Spumante(M): Youngest brother of the Spumante clan. He was cut out of an ownership share in the family business by his father’s will. Not interested in working for his brothers, he purchased a local farm and has created a niche market for his organic food products – “cheeses to die for.”

Hugh Huffington (M/F): Editor of the wine magazine, “Heard it on the Grape Vine,” covering today’s competition for the publication.

Dr. Leslie Flask (M/F): Having received a PhD in food chemistry and biochemistry by the age of 16, Dr. Flask is ready to retire from the rigors of the scientific world and accepted a position with Excessive Winery to concentrate on nothing more complex than wine grapes.

Madeira Brumaker(F): Former owner of Excessive Winery. Attending today in hopes of launching a new wine label, “Brown Bag, for the less discerning wine drinker!”

Sherry Spumante (F): Younger sister to Anthony, Joseph and Guido. Unhappy with the management style of her brothers, she is the newly hired manager at Excessive Vineyards.

Sophia Keane (F): Employed by the Napa Valley Wine Association, Ms Keane is a wine educator on hand at today’s event to help with your slurp and swirl techniques.

Val Moore (M/F): Special friend of Sherry Spumante attending the competition as her guest.