Extra Characters – Pageant of Peril

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Mystery Overview

This product only contains extra characters.

Everything is bigger in Texas – especially at a  beauty pageant in 1985.   The 50th annual Miss NASA (not affiliated with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration) pageant will be held on the marrow. All contestants and pageant staff have gathered at the home of Big Tex and Lidia Butterfield for a pageant eve dinner.  Contestants will have the opportunity to show off their gowns and their talents.   Nonetheless, all is not sparkle and grace at this pageant eve dinner. An unfortunate twist of events will turn this evening’s celebration into a murder investigation.

Extra Characters

Marti Mannford Fashion Designer: Judge #2. Famous fashion designer and creator of the spandex mini skirt.

Miss California Christie Sunshine: Was actually 1st runner up in the Miss California pageant, however Miss California had an unfortunate fall down the stairs a week after being crowned.

Max or Maxine Bouffant: Long suffering makeup and hair artist for the Miss NASA pageant.

Miss Puerto Rico Maria Sanchez Gonzales Guadalajara San Juan: Her brother was drafted by the Texas Tornadoes this year past and wishing to follow him, she won a local beauty pageant that would put her in the running for the Miss NASA Pageant.

Your murder victim with return to the party as:

Susie Somersaults: Ill fated 3rd judge. Full of painkillers and accusations, she is able to climb from her hospital bed, in head to toe cast, and attend the pageant eve dinner.