Fistful of Hangtown Gold

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Mystery Overview

Old Hangtown has grown from a rugged mining camp to a flourishing town – the third largest in California. Mining disputes, disreputable card games and those looking to make it rich quick, and quicker, add to a tense evening at the Cary House Saloon.

Someone might even be desperate enough to kill…

Main Characters

Erastus Baldridge, “The One Eyed Doc”: Educated physician from Rome, TN – served as an army doctor in the Mexican American War – joined the rush for gold to California. Realizing panning for gold is really, really hard work, he decided to pursue a career as a gambler, but quickly fell into evil ways…

Bertie Mae: Owner of the dance hall and brothel in town, Madame Bertie Mae is an astute business woman and a well-respected member of Placerville society. She not only peddles flesh, but “information” as well.

Mysterious Dave Taylor: A foul-mouthed tin horn gambler well known in saloons and bordellos from the Mexican border to the south of Oregon. He has recently become a business associate of One-eyed Doc’s.

James, the Banjo Player: An orphan raised by Bertie Mae as her adopted son. Plays the banjo at her “establishment” to entertain the gentlemen as they wait in the parlor. Moonlights at the Cary House Saloon for extra pay as his “mother” is tight with the purse strings.

The Countess Carlota Lozano: Famous Italian beauty known for her “Dance of a Thousand Feathers.” The Countess will be performing at the Cary House Hotel this week.

James E. Homer: Twenty-five years ago, having come into a small inheritance, Homer and his brother, Rattlesnake Dick, left Missouri to seek fame and fortune. Both brothers eventually came to California in search of gold. Without much luck, the two were eventually hired by the Wells, Fargo & Company – James as a detective and Rattlesnake as a driver. James has arrived in Hangtown on the trail of the notorious stage robber, The Blue Duck.

Eliza Goodwill: After earning her 25 Year Service pin from the Salvation Army in the rough and tumble town of Independence, Missouri, Miss Goodwill has traveled to Placerville with the message of hope for the broken and down trodden.

Mr. & Mrs. William M. Cary: Influential businessman, philanthropist, hotelier and Placerville Alderman. Came to Placerville at the height of the Gold Rush. Quickly realized the money to be made was in supplying the minors. He sold his mining tools and opened up a general store.
Once “Old Hangtown” matured into Placerville, he built the most elaborate hotel in the county – every floor has a bath with running water!

The Count Enzo Lozano: Husband of the Countess Lozano and her business manager. Known for his jealous streak and quick temper.

Rattlesnake Dick: Brother of James E. Homer and stage coach driver for Wells, Fargo & Company. He currently holds the title for “the most frequently robbed stage.”

Thessalonica Dahlerhide: Daughter of Thaddeus Dahlerhide –prospector who discovered the largest nugget (22 lbs.) of gold in California. Thaddeus sold the nugget to the Wells, Fargo & Co for much less than its true value then commenced to drink away the meager profit. Thessalonica, with no other means of supporting herself, became one of Bertie Mae’s girls.