Hibiscus and Homicide

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Mystery Overview

Headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii, the Golden Tropics Company splashed onto the beauty and skin care scene in the 1960s with Hurricane Hairspray, “So strong, your hairdo can withstand a hurricane!” Since that first success, the company has grown to a multi-million dollar business.

You will be attending the annual new product launch luau. Company Chief Executive Officer, Bob “The Big Kahuna” Billyouns, has been very excited, and very secretive, about a revolutionary product that will be unveiled at the luau. The Big Kahuna believes that this newest development will propel the company into worldwide sales.

All the company’s movers and shakers will be in attendance and the event promises to be the “must attend” party of the year.

Main Characters

Bob “The Big Kahuna” Billyouns: CEO of the Golden Tropics Company; the epitome of the American self-made man. The Big Kahuna started in the mailroom of Golden Tropics, put himself through college, and married the boss’s only daughter.

Alotta Billyouns: Daughter to the founder of Golden Tropics, and a successful woman in her own right. Her socialite status, natural style and business savvy launched the beauty line of the company. Still dedicated to fitness, her personal trainers are ever present – unfortunately most don’t survive more than a few months.

Miss Happs: Secretary to Bob Billyouns, and the one who controls access to the Big Kahuna. Nothing reaches him without first having passed her approval. She is madly in love with Norm from the mailroom.

Nigel “Nippy” Nuttall: Vice-President in charge of administration and Bob Billyouns “right hand man.” A graduate, with honors, from the Stanford School of Business, he is heir apparent to the Big Kahuna.

Dr. “Beaker” Smythe: (M/F) Head of the Product Development department of Golden Tropics and the grandchild of Dr. Cordelia Smythe, inventor of “Hurricane Hairspray,” Golden Tropics most successful product.

Will (Willa) Burns: (M/F) Head of the Human Resources department at Golden Tropics. Knows everything about everyone!

Juan the Personal Trainer: Momentarily employed as Mrs. Billyouns personal trainer. Rather effeminate, no one pays much attention to his instruction unless he throws one of his colossal “hissy fits.”

Joey “The Spatula” Rendoni: Caterer to the rich and famous. Flown in from Chicago just for tonight’s event.

Hugh Packard: (M/F) Head of the Information Technology (IT) department at Golden Tropics. An innovator in the IT filed, he is preparing to launch a new program to network departments and streamline current procedures.

Abacus (Abe or Abby) Figures: (M/F) Head of the Accounting department and new hire to Golden Tropics. A former school chum of Hugh Packard.

Detective Chu Fat: Veteran of the Hawaiian Police Force. Known, and feared, by all of Hawaii’s underground.