Main Mystery – Define Happily Ever After

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Mystery Overview

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The continuing story of the brothers, Prince Charming

“The King is dead; long live the King!”

Upon the death of Good King Charming, his eldest son, Prince Marcis Charming, is about to be crowned king of the Fairy Tale Kingdom of Charming. However, all at the Coronation Ball do not wish him well. As the guests gather, old grudges fester and new alliances emerge. The stage is set for an enchanted evening none will forget.

Main Characters

Prince Marcis Charming: Eldest son of King and Queen Charming and husband to Snow White. Handsome, generous, intelligent and just plain charming. This evening’s celebration is in honor of his coronation which will be held on the marrow.

Prince Less Charming: The not quite as charming second son of the King and Queen Charming and husband to Sleeping Beauty -Princess Aurora. Always in his brother’s shadow and second in line to the throne; that is until Marcis produces an heir…

Big Bad Wolf: After having been thrown out of college due to an “incident,” he became a vegetarian, attended law school, and is now attempting to enter local politics.

Sleeping Beauty-Princess Aurora: Disgruntled wife of Less Charming – boy, if she’d only been awake, she would never have granted him that kiss!

Snow White: Bride of Prince Marcis Charming and next Queen of the Kingdom Charming. If her father does not produce a male heir, she and Prince Marcis will, upon the death of Good King White, also rule the nearby Kingdom of White.

Goldie Locks: Now a very aggressive real estate agent and interior designer. Her signature “look”-bear skin rugs.

Hansel and/or Gretel: Having survived the neglect of their youth, they are now Children’s Rights Activists. At present, they are attempting to open a large orphanage in the Kingdom of Charming.

Huntsman and/or Red Riding Hood: Political opponents to the Big Bad Wolf. They don’t believe the wolf has turned from his evil ways – who knows wolves, they know wolves!

Jack of the Beanstalk: Now a wealthy man, however still prone to making the “quick buck” and easy money scams.

Queen White: Much younger, addle brained new wife of King White, and Snow White’s new step-mother.

Wicked Witch: Having graduated from a 12 Step program, she is now only quasi-evil. She has asked forgiveness from all whom she wronged and believes her evil ways, and their consequences, are far, far behind her. She is currently a daytime talk show host and the local celebrity. She has recently released her second book, “When Not to Listen to the Person in the Mirror.” Her first book, “One Hundred Things you Can do With an Apple” was a best seller.