Main Mystery – Murder by the Glass

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Mystery Overview

This product contains the full mystery contents and a base set of characters.

At this year’s Napa International Wine Competition, the select wine society of the world has gathered to put their best bottle forward. Old jealousies are renewed and livelihoods put at risk. They have hardly all gathered before the sparks begin to fly. One of the members will be deliberately and terribly murdered, becoming a spirit of a different kind…

Main Characters

Al Barino (M): Assistant winemaker to brad Brut. Having learned his craft in the fertile soil of Spain, he is currently working on a temporary Visa from his home country in Spain.

Barbera Plonk(F): wife of Brad Brut, ex-wife of Vinnie Ordinaire. She is a bit of a “vintner groupie.”

Brad Brut (M): Premier wine master judging today’s competition.   He is currently married to Barbera Plonk, ex-wife of world famous solemner, Vinnie Ordinaire. Brad and Barbera began their romance while Barbera was still married to Vinnie, a wound that has yet to heal. He is currently the sommelier for world famous New York restaurant, The Water Closet.

Chef D. Jour (M/F): Head Chef at hosting winery. Brad Brut was once his assistant.

Leona/Leon Blanc(F/M): Owner of winery hosting today’s competition. Business has dropped off over the last year due to a disparaging revue by Brad Brut which was published in the wine magazine, Heard It On the Grape Vine. The article was a blow to the winery’s reputation- hopefully today’s competition will revive his ailing vineyard.

Meyrl Lowe(M/F): Famous wine critique, Low’s palate is rumored to be insured for a million dollars. His/her opinion of the samples offered today what the wine world is waiting for. Low’s opinion of a wine can make or break its success.

Miracle McCormick(F): New sous-chef at The Water Closet. Brad Brut’s second in command, she is originally from the Napa, California wine country and has begun to build a reputation for fresh California cuisine in the heart of Brooklyn.

Nero d’Avola(M): Famous private detective from New York City and well known foodie. Attending today’s event as a guest judge.

Perry Greigio(M): Son of a wealthy corporate raider who acquired the neighboring winery via a hostile corporate takeover. He never quite finished his business degree, or any other project he’s started.

Reese Ling(M/F): 5th generation farm worker. Very bitter about Perry Greigio’s acquiring the winery the Ling family has run for generations.

Vinnie Ordinaire(M): World famous sommelier and ex-husband of Barbera Plonk. Had been the wine steward for The Water Closet, however was replaced by Brad Brut both at work and home.