Pageant of Peril

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Mystery Overview

Everything is bigger in Texas – especially at a  beauty pageant in 1985.   The 50th annual Miss NASA (not affiliated with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration) pageant will be held on the marrow. All contestants and pageant staff have gathered at the home of Big Tex and Lidia Butterfield for a pageant eve dinner.  Contestants will have the opportunity to show off their gowns and their talents.   Nonetheless, all is not sparkle and grace at this pageant eve dinner. An unfortunate twist of events will turn this evening’s celebration into a murder investigation.

Main Characters

“Big Tex” Butterfield: Wealthy oil magnet and sponsor of the Miss NASA pageant. He is also the owner of the professional Texas football team, “The Texas Tornados.” He has been married for over twenty years to Lidia Butterfield, who is the real money behind his success.

Lidia Butterfield: Married for over twenty years to “Big Tex.” From a wealthy and long established Texas family – a former beauty queen herself. She makes her annual appearance for the pageant; however she is quite busy with her local charity functions and socialite responsibilities.

Lola Nuttall: The first Miss NASA.  Stuck in 1935, and desperately attempting to hold on to her youth, she is married to a much younger man, NigelNippy” Nuttall.  She is responsible for overseeing and administering the scholarship awards that are won by Miss NASA contestants every year. Lola also verifies the eligibility documentation for each contestant.

Nigel “Nippy” Nuttall: The much younger husband of Lola, Miss NASA 1935. He is happy in his current situation, and believes he will be the next Master of Ceremonies of the pageant.

Link Hammer: Got his show business start in radio, and has been the Master of Ceremonies for the pageant since the beginning. His wife, Deidre, was one of the original contestants, and they met during the competition. She is now the pageant director; theirs has been a happy business and marriage relationship.

Deidre Hammer: Pageant Director and wife of Link Hammer. She was Miss Georgia in the 1935 pageant, and favored to win, however lost to Lola by a mere fraction of a point. She met Link during the pageant, and came on board as the pageant director; she and Link have had a long, happy business and marriage relationship.

Retired Texas Ranger Sam Houston: After taking an early retirement, he has gone into the personal security business. He accepted the pageant assignment believing it would be an easy assignment, however this pageant business is big money, and things can get ugly!

Miss Texas Bambi Larue: Texas Tornado cheerleader representing the Great State of Texas. At present, she is dead last.

Miss New Jersey Sophia Barbarino: She has been competing in pageants since she was two years old and is favored to win the Miss NASA title.

Governor of Texas Judge #1: Goes to work most days, doesn’t directly steal from his campaign coffers, and doesn’t throw every government contract to his friends. All and all not a bad politician, and a pretty good guy.

Anthony “Tony” Cannelloni: Local restaurateur and last minute replacement for Judge #3, Suzie Summersaults, who has met with an unfortunate accident.